Handmade Preserved Real Rose Present Gorgeous Led Mood Light, Upscale Gift Exquisite Eternal Flower Birthday..

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Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day- (Skyfire)

Please triple check and identify the product (under the title and stock area) is all from San Ran (Direct), if not, then we can’t guarantee anything from the copycat.

1.The preserved rose doesn’t need any watering, so avoid liquid form.
2.Avoid direct strong sunlight, high moisture or dusty environment, and strong vibration or winded room.
3.If get touched by liquid or dust, blow it with hair dryer (soft and cool breeze) 20cm away from the flower, then seal it in a dry place for few days, it’ll turn back.
4.This flower is delicate but also fragile, so touch very gently, DO NOT squeeze, roll, pull of impact.
5.It’s inedible, keep a safe distance from child or pet.
6.It is normal may have some odors when open the box, the smell will dissipate soon.

Q:Is every color has a LED light?
A: Yes, every color of this product contains a LED light, twist off the cork, remove the insulator sheet, put it back on, you’re all set.

Q: Is the Preserved Flower Real Natural flower?
A: Yes, it’s made from natural superior fresh flowers, use a special technology to maintain it in a soft, fresh and beautiful shape.

Q: How long would the Preserved Flower preserve?
A: Usually, it can be preserved 3 to 5 years, if place in a extreme environment, it would be shorter to 1 to 3 years.

Our products of flower series are all handmade with fresh cut flower, we live under the goal of product perfection and environmental protection, so no chemical or toxic ingredient. It is very important for us to keep both customer and environment in a healthy and joyful condition.

We, San Ran Direct, dedicate ourselves to atom to present high quality product and comfortable, smooth experience to every customer, flowers can blossoming no more without your satisfaction, your well being is our number one priority.

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