Bomarolan Artificial Tulip Fake Holland Mini Tulip Real Touch Flowers 24 Pcs for Wedding Decor DIY Home Party (Blue)

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You will really pleased with these tulips! They are so pretty and the color is so vibrant. The material has some plasticity so you can move the petals and bend the stems, it much better than plastic and last longer than real tulips. They look so gorgeous!

Great for:

Table top bouquet, bedroom dresser, kitchen, dining table, living room, office table, window sill, dining room, birthday, wedding anniversary, family party decoration.


Material: Latex flower and flowers stems have wires inside
Length: 13 3/8 inch
Flower Diameter: 1 inch
Flower Head Height: 1 3/4 inch
Total Weight: 10 1/3 OZ
Package Quantity: 24 PCS Tulips (Not Include Vase)


1. The flowers are semi-hermetically sealed during the transportation. There may be some smell when you open the package first time, it will be dissipated quickly in a well ventilated place.

2. Do not expose tulips to the sun for a long times, otherwise the color would be faded.

3. It can be washed by water and then blown dry with a low temperature blower.

4. Do not put tulips in the water for a long time, especially in hot water, otherwise the leaves will be withered.

5. Due to the influence of light, the actual color may be slightly different from the picture on the website. But it does not affect the aesthetics of the product.

Artificial flower is the best choice people who may allergic to flowers. It will become your happy flower which will make you smile every day.

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